SMC NEW ARTIST: HAM FLO “Some lessons are better bought than taught.”

Southern Made Creatives was recently able to sit down with Ham-Flo, a local Birmingham hip hop artist who has released his first project: High After Lows this past weekend on all major streaming platforms. Filled with southern lingo, unique cadences and vivid flows, High After Lows takes listeners on a journey through the mind of an underground artist as Ham-Flo navigates through personal growth, pursuit of success and relationships. Be sure to stream High After Lows on your favorite streaming platform! 

Ham-Flo is a southern made creative hailing from the East side of Birmingham, Alabama. Growing up, his first introduction to music was in church where he participated in the children’s choir. He recalls his early influences to music being his father’s introduction to artists like Tupac and Lil Wayne, and his older sister's involvement in musical theatre shaped his music tastes. 

Ham-Flo describes his music as ”real shit + soul, or soulful rap”. He draws inspiration from artists like Drake, J. Cole and Curren$y, having mastered their individual persona’s and voices while allowing their music’s message to resonate with fan bases. 

When asked about his dream collaboration, he says that the opportunity to collaborate with Jhene Aiko or SZA because of their energy being a vibrational match to where his artistry is. 

“I feel like I'm in those early stages of getting better, and I feel like I am continuously better with every verse. Just stay tuned.” 

I really dont come across much stuff that I don’t succeed in, but in that same token I feel that I would have loved to be really good at just a few things and hone in on certain things. My most useless talent is that I’m really good in Sudoku. 

When I'm in the shower: I’m giving full blown concerts, usually on the Maxwell tip. 

“Something that most people wouldn’t know about me is,I think my listening capacity is pretty broad. I like soundtracks to classic plays. My older sister has been a thespian her whole life and I used to ride around with her, so I naturally gravitate towards some pretty classic productions like Hairspray, and Rent.“

Locally Ham Flo has been on the scene making appearances at SMC events and venues like the FireHouse. When asked about 2020, here's what he had to say.

2020 has been a YEAR

“Covid has definitely had a direct impact on artists financially. The hindrance on how we are able to make money has been stunted, but on the positive side it has made people slow down and actually listen to music. Artists don’t have venues to hide behind, you don’t have a concert to bring the music to life right now people have to sit at the house by themselves and actually listen to the content. People are slowing down and taking music more seriously than just a first listen type of thing, they’re digesting it more and giving real feedback.” 

I've definitely enjoyed the performances I’ve been able to do. I think now that I’ve gotten more comfortable with my music, I think my next shows are going to be much better. Before, my music was so new, I would hardly have them memorized, whereas now I’ve been sitting with my songs so my delivery and energy is just in a different place. 

When asked about his most important piece of advice, he stated a reference made by his father, "Some lessons are better bought than taught." To speak about the correlation of learning a craft versus someone handing you the game.

A lot is in store for Ham Flo. Quarantine seemed to have been very progressive for the new artists. This is definitely someone you want to keep on your watch list! Be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @Ham_Flo205 on both platforms! Stream High After Lows EVERYWHERE NOW!

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