Meet The Monastery: Local Underground Living Legends

The Birmingham rap duo made up of Paco (left) and Carlos Charm (right) is prominently known throughout the state as lyricists known to deliver clever bars over nostalgic tracks. Their style contains nuances from 90s rap, R&B and reminds you of a classic southern hip hop duo.

Charm and Paco met in high school, where the two were already rapping independently. They soon collaborated and have been creating and lighting up the local music scene for over 10 years.

The duo pulls influence from hip hop giants like Lil Wayne, J Cole, Jay Electronica, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz. When asked about style, the group expressed their unique cadences and original rap style mostly stemmed from their commitment to studying 90s hip hop comprehensively.

How would you describe your creative process?

The Monastery's creative process can be classified as uniform collaboration. Between business and life, the duo brings projects together piece by piece until it resembles the original vision. "We're not always in the same place, so we try come to each other with concepts, hooks, ideas or a melody and try to fill in the words. We usually start with a beat and build from there," Charm stated. "Charm is usually the first one to finish a verse, it usually takes me about three months to get mine together. I feel like my virgo placement has to be in the third house and everything else in alignment before my creativity is able to flow," added Paco.

The Monastery are no rookies to the industry, within their 10 year career, they've toured in many states and collaborated with some pretty dope artists. "A dream collaboration for us would be T-Pain. We don't collaborate a lot because it's already two of us. We've done shows in a few states, but if we got the opportunity to open for an artist, it'd be J.Cole right at home in Birmingham. We wanted to open for him the last time he came, but he brought his own artists with him and there were no spots," expressed Charm.

If we could give one message to our fans it'd be to support underground platforms and radio. (We definitely support this message)

What has been your favorite performance experience?

OK crazy story, last year we performed in Chicago on like a Tuesday night. We pulled up at almost m midnight, I had to change outside the car in the middle of the street. It was my favorite performance just because of the energy. The more up north we go, the more they focus on energy than lyrics. It was crazy. Northern crowds are looking for that southern sound. They appreciate our lyricism, and honestly everyone is really looking to the south for that new sound.

What's helped our career?

Traveling helped us level up. When Birmingham saw people in other states were taking us serious and that we were making moves, they started to take us serious too. Also, we LLC'd up so we have a legit business with real tax write-offs everywhere.

The Monastery just released their latest project, A Different World on all streaming platforms!

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